Safely lift and control even the most difficult loads. Cable and wire rope that offer strength and dependability without compromise from Olsen Chain & Cable. 


  • Wire rope slings normally require no additional lubrication other than what may be required for the prevention of corrosion or acid embrittlement when environmental conditions so dictate.
  • Fiber core wire rope slings of all grades shall be permanently removed from service if they are exposed to temperatures in excess of 200° F. Non-fiber core wire rope slings of any grade are used at temperatures above 400° F or below minus 60° F. Recommendations of the sling manufacturer regarding use at that temperature shall be followed.
  • Wire rope slings of all grades should be stored in an area where they will not be damaged by moisture, extreme heat, corrosion, being run-over, or being kinked.
  • Proper care and usage are essential for maximum service and safety. Wire rope slings should be protected from sharp bends and cutting edges by means of corner saddles, burlap padding, or wood blocking.
  • Heavy or continuous overloading should be avoided as well as sudden jerks which can build up a momentary overload sufficient to break the sling.
  • Slings should be hung up vertically when not in use.
    Inspect slings daily and according to OSHA-approved ASME guidelines.


All slings must be checked daily by the sling operator before the first use of each shift. Here are some items to check daily:
Check that ID tags are not missing or Check for melted or charred areas Check for excessive abrasive wear or elongation unreadable
Check for broken, kinked or rusted wires
Check for acid or caustic burns Check for broken or damaged fittings


OSHA 1910.184 requirements dictate a yearly complete sling inspection. Olsen can conduct and document these necessary inspections. Call today: 800-328-1906

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