Fire Prevention for Your Operation

Safety is the most important part of all our jobs, and October is Fire Prevention Month. Make sure you’re keeping your people and your operation on top of any and all fire safety practices. 

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Lifting Equipment Sales, Service, and Training

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’ve been around long enough to know that projects don’t often go the way they are supposed to go. Equipment failures, production delays, disruptions by personnel issues or inclement weather, change orders, and the list goes on. Your operation can only be as efficient as the many dynamic elements you’re maneuvering and managing around.

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Increase Productivity WITHOUT Compromising Safety

At Olsen Chain & Cable, the success of our operation is about both the quality of our lifting equipment and the expertise of our manufacturing and support teams. It’s how we help customers maintain productivity while still prioritizing the safety of their people. 

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Lifting Safety and Equipment: The Right Equipment for Your Job Site

The essential duties of your company cannot be completed if you’re not able to ensure the safety of your people. The adage we often use at Olsen Chain & Cable when it comes to lifting equipment is this: The wrong equipment is the wrong choice every time. 

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Avoid downtime and safety hazards with our lifting equipment inspection services. 

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Get equipment fixed right the first time with our hoist and hydraulic pump refurbish services.

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Balance budgets and regulations with our OSHA compliance consulting.

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