Load Securement - Training, Expertise and Equipment

One of the biggest vulnerabilities to your operation as projects and busyness increase is your standards for load securement. With the winter season ending and the lifting of road restrictions and increase in demand on your operation, your crews will be more active with equipment and materials.

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Flat Slings, Inspections, & Support from Olsen Chain & Cable

At Olsen Chain & Cable, our goal is that the companies, operations, and people who use our equipment are safer and more effective at their jobs because of our work with them.

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Hoist Inspections from Olsen Chain & Cable

The only way to be certain that the equipment you’re relying on will continue to perform for you is with regular inspection schedules. As a company, you need to keep meticulous records of service and performance for your lifting equipment. It protects your operation, your business, and your people. 

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Equipment, Safety, & Training

Two Questions about Your Operation

1. What if you spend money on training and certification for your people and they leave? 
2. What if you don’t spend money to train and certify your people, and they stay?

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we have always made safety our highest priority, with the equipment we manufacture, the equipment we sell, and the services we offer.

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Avoid downtime and safety hazards with our lifting equipment inspection services. 

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Get equipment fixed right the first time with our hoist and hydraulic pump refurbish services.

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Balance budgets and regulations with our OSHA compliance consulting.

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