Perform in high-demand lifting scenarios with the ability to safely grip and lift various hot materials and to tolerate high-stress, abrasive wear.  

Wire Mesh Slings are widely used in metal working and in other industries where loads are abrasive, hot, or tend to cut or damage web slings. Unlike nylon and wire rope slings, metal mesh slings resist abrasion and cutting. Metal mesh slings also easily manage loads by firmly gripping loads without extensive stretching or wear.

Be sure to regularly, thoroughly inspect wire mesh slings. 

Items to look for include...

  • Broken wires in any part of the mesh
Broken weld or broken brazed joint along the sling edge 
  • Reduction in wire diameter of 25 percent or more due to abrasion or 15 percent or more due to corrosion
  • Lack of flexibility due to distortion of the mesh
  • Distortion of the choker fitting so that the depth of the slot is increased by more than 10 percent
  • Distortion of either end fitting so that the width of the eye opening is decreased by more than 10 percent
  • A 15 percent or more reduction of the original cross-sectional area of any point around the hook opening of the end fitting
  • Visible distortion of either end fitting out of its plane
Cracked end fitting
  • Sling in which the spirals are locked or without free articulation
Fittings that are pitted, corroded, cracked, bent, twisted, gouged, or broken
  • Missing or illegible sling identifications
Other conditions that cause doubt as to the integrity of the sling

Inspections and Maintenance

OSHA requires annual inspections on lifting equipment. Olsen Chain & Cable can complete these inspections and also perform any necessary repair or refurbishment work. 

Damaged Mesh is Repairable

any damaged sling to Olsen Chain & Cable for an estimate for refurbishment and for repair services.

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