Breaking the Barriers for Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting is a necessary part of your operation, while it also poses many challenges. Equipment. Personnel. Training. Weather, wear, and tear. The list goes on. You may not be able to access where you need to access or may not have the understanding of what exactly you should do. Your challenges could be with your equipment, with your understanding of the job in front of you, or with your team's abilities. 

With lifting, it can be easy to try to solve new lifting and maneuvering challenges with old equipment or with a pressure to "make do" with what you have or what you've always done. This can lead to dangerous oversights of load-bearing limits and can result in improper equipment use.

Where equipment and expertise lack, risk increases. 

Fortunately, the equipment you have is not the only equipment available to you. The engineering and expertise available to you through Olsen Chain & Cable - as well as the lifting equipment we manufacture and supply - give you a team that is continually working on your behalf. Olsen's lifting and operation experts connect you with the lifting solutions, tools, training, advice, and service that will make the difference for you, your people, and the job in front of you.

Long Reach Bolts

When it comes to accessing your pick points for your lift, consider the American-made Long Reach Bolt, Nut & Cotter Shackles manufactured by Columbus-McKinnon. These are great for when a standard shackle is either too narrow, too short, or both. 

The premium alloy steel strength of these long-range bolts provides the stability you need as you access your lifting pick points. Without this access, you're likely compromising the safety of your operation and the effectiveness of your lifting equipment.

It's easy to view your operation through the lens of the equipment you currently have in stock. But the more you can view your operation through the lens of the equipment, expertise, and resources available to you through Olsen Chain & Cable, the more you'll see that there are better, safer ways to do the job in front of you.

To learn more about Long Reach Bolts from Olsen Chain & Cable, visit our store. To find out what equipment is right for you and your operation, contact our city desk

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