Load Securement: Protecting Your Operation with the Right Information

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’re committed to making sure every step of your operation is safe. Whether moving materials within your warehouse, equipment to jobsites, or loading products for shipment, you need to know that the equipment and supplies you use to secure your load will do the job safely and efficiently.

When it comes time to load your inventory or equipment for transport you need the securement equipment to be strong enough to do the job. You need protection at every step of your operation not only for you and your people, but also for people on the highway, the workers on the receiving end of the transport, and for the crews working with the equipment on the other side. If you aren’t complying with safety standards, you’re exposing your company to serious, and completely avoidable, risks.

Load Securement Standards

OSHA and DOT standards are in place to ensure safety at every step of your operation. At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’re here to make sure that those standards are available to you. The more that you understand the standards in place and properly institute them at every level of your business, the more you’re protecting your people and your company.

To fully comply with the standards set in place by the Department of Transportation and OSHA, you should have a dedicated compliance specialist within your company. This individual should be fully aware of the latest standards for load securement in your state. They should be trained in the proper use of all securement equipment and be fully capable of inspecting a load to ensure that it is done according to compliance standards.

Load Securement Support from Olsen Chain & Cable

As you seek to ensure that your company, people, and operation are fully compliant with the standards for safe load securement, remember that Olsen Chain & Cable is here to make sure that you have the know how and supplies you need to keep doing the job right. We are in your corner, and we’re serious about making sure you’re doing what’s right for your operation.

So let us help! It’s why we’re here.

The standards that you must keep for transporting loads depends on the materials and equipment you’re hauling. If you’re moving equipment from one job to the next, or materials from your facility to another destination, you need to carefully maintain load securement standards established by the Department of Transportation and OSHA. This will be the biggest step in avoiding fines, delays in transport, and even worse, damage and injury to your load, personnel and others nearby.


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