Inspections - You Know the Why…But Do You Know the How? 

There are different factors to consider when seeking to protect your operation and your people. Enacting safety measures are only as effective as your foremen or manager’s willingness to enforce them. Beyond the responsibility that lies upon your team, however, is the responsibility your company has to make sure that your equipment and operation are doing their part.  


Lifting Equipment Inspections from Olsen Chain & Cable

Inspections are a vital part of your company’s operation. And while the reason to regularly do them is somewhat obvious, the question of how to do them is something altogether different. 

Some daily, weekly, and monthly inspections are fairly standard and are about looking for any obvious signs of wear and tear. Look for areas where seams may be distressed, where rust is forming and weakening something’s integrity. Look for leaking fluids or loose components. These regular and frequent inspections will help you stay on top of the issues. They help you protect your people and prepare your budget. 

Other inspections are more detailed — and even sometimes invasive — to your operation. And they are just as vital. OSHA guidelines as well as manufacturing and operational standards for your equipment will set inspection schedules and structures for your company. 

As you maintain your operation and protect your people, here are some things to consider:

Schedule Inspections 

If you aren’t intentional, they won’t happen. Take time to put regular inspections on your calendar today. And put them in place for the next 12 months.  

Maintain Your Inspections

Keep to your schedule. Skipping tomorrow’s site inspection because of how slammed your team is will just lead to another delay. These delays add up to vulnerabilities and risk for you and your people. 

Outsource Your Inspections

You need to make sure your inspections are keeping you compliant with OSHA standards as well as federal and state-level guidelines. Hire a company like Olsen Chain & Cable to inspect your lifting equipment. 


The most important part of your work is the safety of your people and your operation.

The more you can ensure that your employees and subcontractors are safe on your worksite, the more you’re able to keep your operation moving forward. But it’s not all on them. You have to take your equipment seriously—and that happens with regular inspections, maintenance, and quality repairs. At Olsen Chain & Cable, we will make sure that you’re doing your part when it comes to maintaining your equipment. 

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