How You Can Ensure a Effective, Protected Lifting Operation

When it comes to lifting operations, expertise is crucial. Proper handling and knowledge ensure that the equipment you rely on performs safely and effectively, safeguarding both your personnel and the load. We’ll dive into the three basic hitches used in lifting so that you can get the right equipment for your operation.

The Three Basic Hitches

  1. Vertical (Straight) Hitch A vertical hitch connects a sling directly to a lifting hook and the load. This method allows the sling to utilize its full-rated lifting capacity, though it should never be exceeded. Using a tagline is essential to prevent load rotation, which can damage the sling. When multiple slings are attached to the same hook, they form a lifting bridle, distributing the load evenly among the slings.

  2. Choker Hitch Choker hitches reduce a sling's lifting capacity as the sling tightens against the load, affecting the sling’s ability to adjust during the lift. This method is suitable when the load or the sling is not susceptible to damage. It’s important to ensure the point of choke is against the sling body, not against a splice or sling eye base. If the angle of the choke is less than 120°, the sling's rated capacity must be adjusted downward, as the sling may fail at the point of choke under heavy stress.

  3. Basket Hitch Basket hitches distribute the load equally between the two legs of the sling. However, the capacity is affected by the bend or curvature where the sling contacts the load. Similar to how wire ropes are limited by bending actions, the sling's effectiveness can be compromised by these factors.

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Understanding the different hitches and their appropriate use is vital for safe lifting practices. Coupled with top-notch ropes from Samson, your lifting operations are set for success.

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