Tool Box Talks: Safety Resources from Olsen Chain & Cable

Every operation has a responsibility to protect its people and their surroundings by using the right equipment at the right time. That reality is what steers everything we do.

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we are first and foremost a safety company. Our lifting equipment is manufactured to exceed expectations. Our service desk and lifting experts are qualified to recommend the right equipment for the job. Our inspection and maintenance services are built to make sure the equipment you’re relying on does its job. Each of those functions of Olsen Chain & Cable are an extension of that number one priority: safety.

 Safety Training with Olsen Chain & Cable

One of the fundamental ways to ensure safety on your job site is by ensuring that your people have been properly trained. Even the right equipment that’s been properly maintained is a liability when it’s being improperly used.

Safety, Compliance, & Operation Inspection Training

One of the most effective methods for ensuring safety on a worksite is through the routines and habits you establish. By creating an environment where safety is a way of life, your workers will be daily, and even hourly, enacting and enforcing safety procedures in your operation. Our team can help yours establish and implement these safety standards on a wide range of topics at your business. Some of the protocols and routines that you need to include into your training schedule are:

  • Regular equipment inspections - the “how,” the “when,” and the “what to do if” of routine and regular equipment inspections
  • OSHA, ASME, and other industry compliance standards - because it’s up to you know if your operation and your people are in compliance
  • Proper safety equipment fitting, use, and maintenance - because the majority of accidents happen because of a lack of training and use of proper safety equipment use and protocols
  • Identifying job site hazards and workplace risks - because when everyone knows what to look for it becomes easier to maintain safety as a standard

Rigging & Equipment Protocols

The proper use of equipment is the difference between efficiency and inefficiency, between safety and danger, and even between life and death. The Olsen Chain & Cable team of qualified, certified trainers are able to provide your operation with the equipment training that’s essential for safety and performance. Anyone in your operation with access to equipment should be trained in the safety of that equipment.

Any piece of equipment that’s not properly maintained or not being properly used is not safe. That’s what makes the proper training essential, so that risks and misfires are identified and addressed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Tool Box Talks from Olsen Chain & Cable

Whether ensuring that job site safety protocols are properly established and implemented or providing detailed training for specific equipment or rigging setups, the safety training resources at Olsen can give your team the tools they need to protect themselves and their surroundings.

Learn more about our training opportunities and connect with our team today to make safety the priority it needs to be for your operation. 

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