Lifting Safety and Equipment: The Right Equipment for Your Job Site

The essential duties of your company cannot be completed if you’re not able to ensure the safety of your people. The adage we often use at Olsen Chain & Cable when it comes to lifting equipment is this: The wrong equipment is the wrong choice every time. 

The extension to that statement is just as simple (and just as essential): The right equipment that’s being used in the wrong way is the wrong equipment. This means that equipment that’s not adhering to tested load limits or being kept to required inspection protocols is compromising the integrity of your operation. It’s also putting the lives of your people at risk. 

This is especially true when it comes to the systems and training schedules and requirements you implement for lifting. When a company is maintaining safety inspection procedures, its people are developing habits that can stop accidents before they happen. When lifting equipment training is consistently performed for the right people, the likelihood of proper use and adherence to safety protocols drastically increases. And when the right equipment choices are made for the job, efficiency and productivity become standard. Each of these components, when done consistently, make safety a much more attainable standard in day-to-day operations. 

Making Safety Your Highest Priority

The highest priority of your operation is protecting your people and making sure that you’ve made every effort possible to do that. From inspections and maintenance to training and proper use, your operation needs meticulous attention to detail at every moment and with every piece of equipment. That means your operation needs to make safety an active part of every conversation and every detail of the operation. 

To learn more about how Olsen Chain & Cable can help you give your operation the equipment and safety standards that will protect your people, get in touch with our team of lifting experts.



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