Chain Slings: Safety & Performance for Your Operation

At Olsen Chain & Cable, our job is to keep our customers, their operations, and their people safe. Whether it’s helping solve operational challenges by identifying the right lifting equipment or it’s helping teams stay safe with training, inspections, or maintenance, we provide the equipment, services, and expertise that companies need for safe lifting operations. 

Chain Slings Sales, Inspection, and Service from Olsen Chain & Cable

Equipment failure can cause operational disruptions and even injury or death. The majority of equipment failure is not the result of poor design or flaws in manufacturing, but rather with the improper use of the equipment. Poorly maintained or improperly used equipment is responsible for more lifting operation incidents than any other factor. This unfortunate and unnecessary reality is why Olsen Chain & Cable takes our inspection and maintenance services so seriously. 

Training from Olsen Chain & Cable

The responsibility for proper use of lifting equipment falls ultimately upon a business owner. While training managers and operation directors take daily responsibility for proper equipment protocols, they can only be as effective as their support system allows and enforces. When business owners neglect proper maintenance and inspections, or when they do not adhere to equipments’ recommended load limitations, business owners and production managers subject their people and their operation to significant, and unnecessary, risk.


Safety is not only the job of owners and operators. It falls on everybody in an operation to make sure equipment is performing as it is meant to perform. That’s why, in addition to Olsen’s inspection services, we promote internal inspections of all lifting equipment. 

Visual Inspections

When using a chain sling, your people should perform regular visual inspections to look for any signs of wear or compromise that could inhibit the sling’s performance. Watch for kinks or tears in the chain that may have compromised its strength. Look for discoloration at seams or individual components that could been caused by previous misuse or overloading. Any area that looks like it has been damaged should be noted. At that point, the chain sling should be removed from rotation until proper inspection and maintenance can be scheduled and performed. 

Refurbished and Repaired Equipment

When quality checks, visual inspections, or OSHA inspections reveal an issue with your chain slings or any other lifting equipment, that doesn't always mean you have to replace your equipment. Olsen Chain & Cable's refurbishment services can get your equipment back up to operational quality quickly and efficiently. 

A Partnership in Safety & Performance 

At Olsen, we are proud to partner with vendors and equipment manufacturers who maintain our standards for safety, performance, and dependability. We’ve partnered with Crosby and Gunnebo for reliable lifting equipment that meets our standards. 

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Avoid downtime and safety hazards with our lifting equipment inspection services. 

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Get equipment fixed right the first time with our hoist and hydraulic pump refurbish services.

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Balance budgets and regulations with our OSHA compliance consulting.

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