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One of the biggest vulnerabilities to your operation as projects and busyness increase is your standards for load securement. With the winter season ending and the lifting of road restrictions and increase in demand on your operation, your crews will be more active with equipment and materials.

At Olsen Chain and Cable, we can help you make the right choices for securing the equipment and materials that your crews are hauling. 

Load Securement from Olsen Chain & Cable

We provide the training and the equipment you need to put safety first as you transport equipment and materials for your operation. 



Indirect Tiedowns are tiedowns that pass over or through the cargo, with both ends attached to opposite sides of the vehicle. If using, you can count the full value (100%) of the WLL for those tiedowns.





Direct Tiedowns have one end attached to an anchor point on the vehicle and the other end attached to the cargo, or with both ends attached to the same side of the vehicle. If using, you can only count one-half (50%) of the WLL for those Tiedowns.




Read more on cargo securement from the Cargo Securement Rules from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/cargo-securement/cargo-securement-rules

As construction season picks back up, Olsen Chain & Cable is here to keep your operation safe while you keep it productive. Our line of quality engineered and manufactured lifting equipment protects your people, your operation, and your company. Our expertise provides you with the right lifting equipment and the ability to inspect, repair, and refurbish your equipment so that you’re making the right equipment decisions every time. And even the right equipment can be a liability if you or your team aren’t properly trained. Olsen Chain & Cable’s industry experts provide OSHA-standard, manufacturer-endorsed training, keeping you and your operation safe. 

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Kinedyne is the leading cargo securement and control company in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’re proud to represent them to and provide their quality manufactured equipment to our customers. Because of companies like Kinedyne, we are able to equip and protect operations everywhere. 


Kinedyne ratchet straps are designed to handle most types of flatbed tie-down requirements. Standard ratchet straps have an 18" fixed end as standard, except for straps with 3705-2 and 3705-3 chain anchors which have a fixed end of 32". All ratchet straps are labeled with their working load limit to meet DOT regulations, WSTDA, CHP and North American Cargo Securement Standards.


2 INCH WIRE HOOK 69989.15574236082" Ratchet Straps

These general purpose utility straps are made from 2" wide webbing and feature a ratcheting handle and wire hooks both ends



KINEDYNE 1 INCH 93797.1557423252

1" Ratchet Straps

These general purpose utility straps are made from 1" wide webbing and feature a ratcheting handle and wire hooks both ends.




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