Hoist Inspections from Olsen Chain & Cable

The only way to be certain that the equipment you’re relying on will continue to perform for you is with regular inspection schedules. As a company, you need to keep meticulous records of service and performance for your lifting equipment. It protects your operation, your business, and your people. 

Keeping Your People Safe by Keeping Your Hoists and Lifting Equipment Operational 

Hoist and Lifting Equipment Inspection Services from Olsen Chain & Cable

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we provide the sales, maintenance, and inspection services you need for the hoists, cranes, and rigging and lifting equipment you rely on. We also provide the expertise you need between annual inspections, so that you can know that the daily, weekly, and monthly inspections by your own team are doing the job. 

Daily Inspections 

Your hoist and crane operators–and in fact all of your people–should be familiar enough with the equipment they’re using that they know how to perform daily inspections. This means that equipment should be inspected to look for leaks, bowing, and any signs of structural wear or weakening. Simple, daily site inspections can prevent catastrophes down the road. 

Weekly Inspections

Much like the daily inspections, these weekly equipment checks will allow your people to track the performance and vulnerabilities with the equipment they’re relying on day after day. From a performance standpoint, equipment should be monitored and inspected to make sure equipment is operationally functional and that all safety mechanisms are performing. 

Monthly Inspections

Wire rope, chains, and hooks are all required–per OSHA standards–to have monthly inspections to ensure strength and integrity. 

Annual Inspections 

Different equipment falls under different inspection and performance requirements from OSHA. Make sure that you’re aware of the standards in place for the specific type of equipment you’re using. OSHA 1910.179 requirements dictate a yearly complete hoist and crane system inspection. Olsen is qualified to perform these inspections and document them. It’s how you can keep your operation compliant and your people safe. 

Inspections Save Lives

Without the habits and policies that protect your operation and keep your people and equipment effectively working, you may find yourself surprised by equipment failure, operational disruption, and even injury or death. Create a culture of safety in your company. Make time and accommodations for the disruptions of inspections. Build space into your work week for equipment training, safety protocols, and inspection routines.

Make inspections a part of your employees’ every day, every week, every month, and every year. 

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