Equipment, Safety, & Training

Two Questions about Your Operation

1. What if you spend money on training and certification for your people and they leave? 
2. What if you don’t spend money to train and certify your people, and they stay?

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we have always made safety our highest priority, with the equipment we manufacture, the equipment we sell, and the services we offer.

Making the Right Choice with Equipment, Repair, & Training

From finding the right lifting equipment for your lifting operation to making sure that your people are safe with inspections, repairs, and training. Are you prioritizing equipment inspections? Are your people trained to identify vulnerabilities in the equipment they’re relying on? Are you investing in training and recertification for your team? 

Tow vs. Recovery Straps

Did you know that different straps are intended for different purposes. It always comes down to what you’re needing done. If you’re towing something, you need that strap to perform differently than if you’re moving or recovering something. 

When used for towing, you’ll want to make sure you don’t use Nylon or any material that will stretch. You’ll need to use a strap manufactured with polypropylene or Dacron. If you’re recovering a piece of equipment or vehicle, you’ll want something that stretches, that’s forgiving and flexible, that can maneuver freely in abrupt or difficult scenarios. This is when a recovery strap like what you see here is ideal.  


Olsen Tow vs Recovery Breakdown

Knowing exactly what you need and how you should use it is often the difference between a safe operation and a dangerous one. And if you’re not investing in the training of your people and the maintenance of your equipment, you’re leaving your operation-and your people-vulnerable. 

Don’t Guess. Ask. 

If you’re not sure which equipment to use, it’s always worth taking the time to find out from an expert. At Olsen Chain & Cable, our City Desk experts are available to help you find the right equipment for the exact situation you’re working within. 

Learn more about tow and recovery straps from Olsen Chain & Cable HERE


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