Fire Prevention and Safety

At Olsen Chain & Cable, all of the work we do is directly or indirectly related to safety. Whether we’re building or distributing the equipment for safely securing loads or we’re providing vital inspection services

to make sure operations aren’t putting people at risk, our work always comes down to protection.

October is fire prevention month - and fire prevention week was October 3rd through 9th. Ultimately, fire prevention is about much more than home safety. It’s about smoke detectors and fire extinguishers but it’s also more than that. Fire prevention in the workplace is a shared responsibility that starts at the most elemental level of operations and extends all the way up into safety protocols, operational infrastructure, and company policies.


Fire Extinguishers

Having enough fire extinguishers as well as the right fire extinguishers is essential. Making sure they are placed adjacent to stairwells (and that there is at least one fire extinguisher per floor) helps to protect your people from unnecessary risk.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure you’re consistently having fire prevention and alert equipment inspected and serviced. Active management of your fire safety equipment helps to protect you and your people.

Facility Infrastructure 


If your facility has a sprinkler system, be sure you’re keeping it maintained. Regular inspections are required to ensure that your facility is prepared in the event of a fire.

Walkways, Doorways, and Stairwells

Make sure that doorways and hallways are free of clutter and inventory, so that people are able to easily — and even quickly — exit your building without running into items or having to climb over them. Any obstruction to exits, any dimly lit exit or non-functioning EXIT sign is a liability and a potential risk to your people.

Training & Inspections

Fire safety equipment and procedures are useless if your people are unable to operate it. Make sure your people know how to use fire extinguishers. Train them in how to properly dispose of potentially toxic or flammable substances. Develop procedures for the storage of combustible materials that is away from your building. Equip your teams with the ability to identify potential risks, fire hazards, or electrical vulnerabilities so that accidents or disasters can be avoided.


The most important part of this discussion is that you take safety seriously, that you equip your people to protect themselves and each other, and that your operation and infrastructure support the processes that make a safe work environment possible.

As you develop an environment of safety for your people and operation, remember that Olsen Chain & Cable is your partner. We provide the equipment, training, inspections, and refurbishment services that keep your operation moving ahead.

Some Products to Look At

For lifting, pulling, and tensioning at almost any angle...

THERN CAPSTAN LIBERTY SWVL 82740.1633700467The Thern Liberty® Series Capstan Winch with Integral Swivel Base delivers portable strength for lifting, pulling, and tensioning at almost any angle. More importantly, quiet operation enhances team communication for increased productivity. Among other uses, it’s perfect for elevator shaft and cell tower construction projects. The enclosed motor housing, powder-coat finish, and corrosion-resistant components ensure dependable operation for many years.

Also available with a 2" Hitch Adaptor


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