Olsen Chain & Cable offers a wide range of strength-tested synthetic round slings that can safely handle a variety of size, type, and capacities of loads. 


    • Do not use wire rope slings with loads above the rated load capacities on the tag.
    • Store slings away from potential mechanical or chemical damage, sunlight, ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures.
    • Properly hitch slings, pad sharp edges, balance loads, don’t drag slings, keep them free of knots or twists and don’t pull a sling from under a load when the load is on the sling. 
    • Inspect slings daily and according to OSHA-approved ASME guidelines. 


All slings must be checked daily by the sling operator before the first use of each shift.
Here are some items to check daily:

    • Check that ID tags are not missing or unreadable
    • Check for melted, charred or weld-splattered areas
    • Check for acid or alkali burns
    • Check for broken or damaged fittings
Check for excessive abrasive wear or elongation
    • Check for knots or brittle areas 


OSHA 1910.184 requirements dictate a yearly complete sling inspection. Olsen can conduct and document these necessary inspections. Call today: 800-328-1906

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