Safety and Performance with J Hooks from M&W

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we are committed to making your operation as productive and safe as possible. Without safety on the job site, you cannot have performance. Without performance, you cannot stay alive in an active, competitive economy.


Safety in your lifting operation is both about the equipment you rely on and the people you employ. You need your equipment to do the job you’ve given it to do. If it’s fractured or weakened in any way, you’re putting your operation — and your people — at risk. If it was manufactured with compromised or subpar standards, it’s only a matter of time before risk becomes reality. 

You also need to know that the people you’re putting to work are adhering to the standards, load limits, and proper use guidelines for the equipment they’re relying on. This can only happen with training and accountability. Make sure that every employee is properly trained on the equipment they need to use. Be sure to have systems in place that support their safety, such as regular inspections, documentation, accountability, and even discipline for shortcutting. 


Performance for your operation is possible when both your people and the equipment they rely on are able to do their job consistently. When employees know how to properly use the tools and equipment they have access to, it increases productivity and performance. When the equipment you have invested in can do its job, your people can do theirs. 

In many ways, safety and performance both come down to the same thing - Training. Train your people on how to properly use tools, manage equipment, and secure loads. Train them on what to look for, listen for, and feel for when performing safety inspections. Train them to be efficient NOT by telling them to work faster, but by equipping them to work smarter. 

Tools for the Job - J Hooks from M&W

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we are proud to parter with great companies who share our high value for safety and performance. M&W of Cokato, Minnesota manufactures and sells some of the strongest, most effective lifting equipment on the market.

J HOOK W LATCH PIC 1 WHITE 99796.1590591999Check out M&W J - Hooks for your rigging operation. You can rely on them to perform for you.

To find the right J-Hooks for your lifting operation, to get the expertise and support you need, and to make safety and performance your priority, talk to our City Desk

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