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Gantry and Mobile Gantry Cranes

A gantry crane is put in place over and around the equipment that is being lifted and moved, straddling it so that you can get maximum leverage and load-bearing capacity. Our specialists will help you determine which Gantry Crane will work best for you.

To lift, rotate, and transport the heaviest of equipment and loads, Olsen Chain & Cable can outfit you with the solution to match your exact specifications. From small wall-mounted cranes to freestanding jib cranes, our sales and service team is prepared to find the right solution for you. 

Monorail Cranes

Monorail cranes are ideal for movement of heavy items within restricted spaces. Some move in a straight line, while others can be engineered to move items in various patterns. The exact design of a monorail crane depends on your needs, and a consultation with one of our qualified professionals can move you toward the right solution.

Workstation Cranes

Workstation Cranes are designed to meet the varied and demanding requirements of your workstation and production line. Talk to one of our sales and service representatives for the expert advice and insight you need to make the right decision.

Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes can move materials up to 360 degrees…depending on their installation…around their central support structure. As you consider the right solution for your needs, talk to one of our experts and find the jib crane that will work best.

Free Standing

Free Standing Jib Cranes are the most versatile crane and can be placed under large bridge cranes, in open areas for several work stations, in loading docks and other outdoor workspaces, or in production operations alongside other jibs to provide staged operation.

Wall Bracket

Wall Bracket Jib Cranes are the most economical means of providing hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns of plants, or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system.


Articulating jib cranes can position loads and equipment in places inaccessible by traditional jibs. With easy rotation and responsiveness when moving and transporting loads throughout the crane's coverage area, they are able to pivot and position loads in tight spaces, through doorways, or in close to the free-standing mast or building column.

Wall Cantilever

The Wall Cantilever jib crane provides hoist coverage and 200° rotation for individual use or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system. It offers maximum lift for the hoist, since it can be installed very close to the underside of the lowest overhead obstruction.

Mast Type

The most cost-effective rotation crane, this jib crane is floor supported, top stabilized, and is capable of 360° rotation. 

Enclosed Track

Our enclosed track jib cranes provide excellent coverage in circular areas not served by a main crane. They're ideal for supporting tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifters, and welding wire feeders. 

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