Rigging, Load Securement, and the Training & Equipment to Make it Work

The demand for safety with your equipment and operation isn’t contained to a job site or a shop floor. The need to ensure that people are safe and equipment protected starts long beforehand. The way that a crew secures a load for transport — the methods they employ, the load securement equipment they use, and the proper application of safety and securement equipment — can be the difference between success and failure, and even life and death. Proper load securement requires two essential things: The right equipment and the proper training.


When preparing a load for transport, your people should know not only what equipment to use, but also how to properly use that equipment. Improper weight distribution, inadequate support, and unbalanced loads are a liability to your company. So know your limits and the equipment you're working with. Regarding your specific equipment, regular site and equipment inspections and looking for damage or defects to your equipment need to be just as much a part of your process as clocking in or taking a lunch break.

The wrong equipment is always the wrong choice.

This means that tie downs that are working outside their capacity — whether because of defect and damage or because of improper use — are putting your operation at risk. You need to know the limits and restrictions of your securement equipment just as much as you need to know the proper use of it.

The point is fairly simple: Don’t assume that “straps are straps” or that load securement is based on instinct and common sense. Instead, seek out the proper training for you and your crew to make sure your operation is protected from liabilities and lives are protected from potential hazards.

If you’re unsure, don’t risk it. Get the answers by talking to an expert


When you know the proper use and care of tie downs, chains, and load securement equipment, you can know the right solution for the job in front of you. Having the right amount of equipment at your fingertips ensures that your crew won’t be tempted to cut corners. It means that the right decision can be made every time because the right equipment can be used.

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’re committed to protecting your company and your people by providing the highest quality products that are built with the highest manufacturing standards.

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Olsen has what you need.

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When it comes to transporting equipment, inventory, or materials, proper load securement is vital. What you need is the right equipment and the right training. This means you need the right partner. Olsen Chain and Cable has you covered.

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