Synthetic Round Slings from Olsen Chain & Cable

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’re partnering with companies across the country to provide them with the lifting and safety equipment, product training, and maintenance services that helps keep their operation moving ahead safely and effectively. Our sales and service experts help you determine the right rigging solution for your operation. They also help you make a plan for addressing any maintenance or performance gaps that may exist within your current scenario. For decades, the work we’ve done has helped keep operations moving ahead with safety and efficiency.

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When deciding between rigging solutions and the type of sling you should use for your job, it’s important to properly address the variables at work. Do you know the exact — or at least approximate — weight of your load? Are there hazardous or corrosive materials being moved or transported? How is your load’s weight distributed? Is it top-heavy? Unbalanced? Will there be a need to perform sustained lifting? Have you used the slings you’re considering in the past?

The Benefits of Synthetic Slings

When it comes to rigging, synthetic round slings offer a distinct advantage over other rigging solutions in many situations. Unlike steel cable and chain rigging, synthetic round slings offer incredible convenience along with their strength. They are light weight and flexible, making a load much more easily rigged, maneuvered, transported, and adjusted. They are easier to store and transport, easier to set up, and often times even cheaper to purchase. Synthetic round slings can also have heavy lifting capacities and do a lot of the same jobs as steel rigging equipment effectively.

They’re not always the right solution, however. So make sure you consult with the experts. 

It’s important that you know what’s right for your job, and so it’s important that you work with expert who can equip you with the right rigging set up. Talk to Olsen Chain & Cable’s team of rigging professionals to determine if synthetic round slings from Olsen can help you do the job in front of you. 

Products Worth Looking At:

Crosby Long Bolt Hoist Rings


The Crosby Group has been in the rigging, lifting, and material handling hardware game longer than anyone. Swivel hoist rings from Crosby offer more than 600 sizes to choose from in Frames 1 through 5, custom cut to your exact specifications and with working load limits ranging from 800 to 30,000 lbs. Learn more about Crosby Long-Bolt Hoist Rings here.

Crosby HR-125 UNC Swivel Hoist Rings

HR 125 SwivelHoistRing

For loads ranging from 800 pounds all the way up to 50 tons, the Crosby HR-125 UNC Swivel Hoist Ring can do the heavy lifting for you, keeping your operation moving ahead safely and productively. The Working Load Limit and Recommended Torque value are permanently stamped into each washer, and each one is load tested at 2 1/2 times its working load limit.  

To get set up with the rigging gear you need for your operation from quality suppliers like Crosby and other trusted manufacturers, talk to our team at Olsen Chain & Cable. 

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