Flat Slings, Inspections, & Support from Olsen Chain & Cable

At Olsen Chain & Cable, our goal is that the companies, operations, and people who use our equipment are safer and more effective at their jobs because of our work with them.

The equipment we manufacture, the vendors we partner with, and the services we provide all work together toward that goal. We want to make it possible for lifting operations to be safe and people equipped to manage the duties of their job without compromise. 

From the most complex operational scenarios to the quick phone call to our service desk for clarification, Olsen is here to help you plan your projects, protect your people, and sustain operational integrity at every stage. 

Flat Slings from Olsen: American-Made Strength

Every Olsen Chain & Cable Flat Sling is American-made in one of our own manufacturing facilities, strength-tested and certified for the toughest jobs. These manufacturing standards are supported and bolstered by our inspection services, which helps you maintain the integrity of your equipment. 

If you’re unsure on the protocol for inspections, you can contact Olsen’s City Desk for support. You can also call on us to perform inspections on your behalf. Our trained and certified experts can make sure you’re protecting your operation and your people by maintaining the equipment they’re relying on. 

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Columbus Mckinnon

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we’re proud to partner with vendors from around the country who maintain our same standard for safety and performance. We use Columbus McKinnon’s hardware in a variety of applications with our lifting equipment, including with our flat slings. The quality of their equipment and integrity of their operation makes us proud to call them a partner in the important work we do. 

Lever Hoists from Columbus-McKinnon

640 92235

American Made 1.5 Ton CM 640 Lever Hoist with 5' Lift

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Remember: The wrong equipment is the wrong decision…Every Time 

If you need help configuring your equipment needs or coordinating your operation’s lifting, the tested and certified expertise of Olsen Chain & Cable is here for you. Our lifting equipment professionals can help you select the equipment and configuration that will do the job you need it to do.

We can help. 

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Avoid downtime and safety hazards with our lifting equipment inspection services. 

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Get equipment fixed right the first time with our hoist and hydraulic pump refurbish services.

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Balance budgets and regulations with our OSHA compliance consulting.

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