Tie Downs, Load Securement, and Safety with Olsen Chain & Cable

As you manage your operation and maintain standards for workplace safety, it’s important that you’re properly using tie downs, ratchets, and all systems and equipment essential for safe,

effective load securement. 

The efforts you take to properly secure a load will protect your operation and inventory as well as your people. Ultimately, it will also protect other travelers and commuters who interact with your material loads while in transit. A poorly secured load is a liability and even a threat to the lives of those around your driver. It opens you up to all sorts of vulnerabilities, from an operational, physical, and legal standpoint. 

Determining Which Tie Down You Need

In determining how many tie downs you need to safely transport a load, you need to know how the total weight of your cargo. You’ll also need to know the working load limit (WLL) of the tiedowns you’re using as well whether your cargo is blocked or prevented from moving by any structural component of the transport vehicle. 

These factors as well as the types of Tiedown methods you’ll be using ultimately determine how to safely secure the load for transport. 

IndirectTieDownIndirect Tiedowns

Indirect Tiedowns pass over or through the cargo you’re hauling, with both ends attached directly to the vehicle. If using an indirect tiedowns, you should count the full value (100%) of the working load limit (WLL) for those tie downs.

DirectTiedownDirect Tiedowns

Direct Tiedowns have one end attached to an anchor point on the vehicle and the other end to the cargo (or both ends attached to the same side of the vehicle). If using direct tiedowns, you can only safely count 50% of the WLL for the shipment.

 Olsen Chain Tie Down Cargo Table

Some Items to Consider from Olsen Chain & Cable 


2 INCH WIRE HOOK 69989.1557423608
Kinedyne Ratchet Straps

Kinedyne Ratchet Straps are designed to handle most types of flatbed tie-down requirements. Standard ratchet straps have an 18" fixed end as standard, except for straps with 3705-2 and 3705-3 chain anchors which have a fixed end of 32". All ratchet straps are labeled with their working load limit to meet DOT regulations, WSTDA, CHP and North American Cargo Securement Standards.

DIXIE BINDER 3 19522.1632326923
Dixie Ratchet Binders

Dixie Ratchet Binders utilize a screw or rotating motion to tighten and secure loads. Ratchet binders tighten slower but are easier to operate than lever-type load binders. They also do not require a handle to lock in place to ensure the binder stays tightened.

KINEDYNE 1 INCH 93797.1557423252
1-inch Kinedyne Utility Straps

 1-inch Kinedyne utility straps are made from 1" wide webbing and feature a ratcheting handle and wire hooks both ends. 

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