Personal Fall Arrest Systems from Olsen Chain & Cable

At Olsen Chain & Cable, we are committed to safety at every level of your operation; to providing you with the right equipment for the job.

We are here to make sure that you know how to use it properly within its capacity. We are here to equip you to inspect your lifting equipment at regular intervals so that you aren’t putting your people and your operation in jeopardy. We are here to inspect and repair equipment when its necessary, and then to help you select the right equipment when it comes time to update your operation.

Managing Risk in Your Operation

We’ve said it before. The wrong equipment is the wrong choice…every time. As your operation manages the loads, demands, and operational changes throughout different seasons, it is vital that you’re keeping safety at the forefront of your mind and the minds of your people.

You can do this in a variety of ways so that safety isn’t something you talk about once-a-month, but rather something that is part of every conversation…part of your culture.

Some ways to keep safety front-and-center:

  • Make sure the equipment being used is right for the job.
  • Provide proper training on the use of different equipment.
  • Spot-check and spontaneously assess your operation to look for safety violations.
  • Provide monthly safety seminars and trainings.
  • Train your people on performing regular inspections of any equipment they use.
  • Schedule outside inspections ahead of time.
  • Repair or retire any compromised piece of equipment immediately.

Safety is a full time job. It’s not just the responsibility of a designated safety officer for a company, but is instead a mutual effort. From how equipment is used to how it is stored and maintained, safety is a shared responsibility on every level of an operation.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems from Olsen Chain & Cable

One of the most practical and essential tools for operations protecting their team members working higher up off the ground is a Personal Fall Arrest System. These systems come equipped with anchoring, connectors, and a harness or belt. Some may also include a deceleration device, a life line, or other supporting components.

Safety Equipment for Your Operation

To equip your operation and protect your people with personal fall arrest systems, contact Olsen Chain & Cable’s City Desk. We’ll get you set up with the equipment you need.

Fall Arrest Systems from Olsen Chain & Cable

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