Wire Mesh Slings from Olsen Chain & Cable

Your people and your operation have to be uniquely equipped for the job in front of them. Since the wrong equipment is the wrong choice every time, it means something significant for your company: You need to know what you’re talking about with the equipment you choose and use in your operation. You need to be familiar with the lifting equipment available to you.

wire mesh slings from Olsen

Wire Mesh Slings - Strength that Stands Up to Extreme Conditions

 You need to know what equipment is the right equipment for the job in front of you — so that you aren’t exposing your people to the risks inherent with misusing or overextending lifting equipment. You need to know what kinds of demands you’ll be putting on your lifting equipment. You need to understand the the function and use of the different lifting equipment available to you. You need to understand the protocol for proper use of and maintenance for the equipment you select. The more intentional you are about the equipment you use, the more protected and efficient you’ll be in your operation.

Wire Mesh Slings - The Right Equipment for Demanding Jobs

When it comes to lifting loads within extreme conditions — like when encountering excessive heat or abrasive materials — a wire mesh sling is usually best. They won’t be cut by abrasive materials. They won’t burn from excessive heat. They won’t fray. They’re often used in metal workings and similar industries where synthetic slings or materials made from fabrics will be compromised or weakened. Because they offer both the strength and durability to outlast tough conditions, they provide stability and performance to your operation.


Available with standard or pass-thru ends, our wire mesh slings are offered in widths from 2” to 12”, and have capacities of up to 28,800 LBS. Learn more by skipping ahead to page 50 in our sling manual. Our powder-coated end fittings fit most crane hooks, and should you need annual or periodic inspection, or replacement of the mesh or end fittings, Olsen has refurbishment and recertification services available to get your wire mesh sling back in safe, usable condition.

You need to be able to trust that the equipment you select is able to perform. This means that you need the right equipment as well as the right information.

Stick close to Olsen. Our lifting equipment team will provide the expertise you need.


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