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Common Questions

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. Olsen Chain and Cable partners with InfoChip to provide customers with powerful inspection and maintenance software and a full-service RFID asset management solution. RFID offers more accurate, efficient tracking and information.

How much is freight?

It varies; freight charges depend on the shipping weight and box (or shipping pallet) size. We'll discuss the best options to get your product to you when you need it through the best freight methods and efficient charges.

What is lead time?

Olsen Chain and Cable maintains a large inventory and we ship more than 95% of all products same-day or next-day.

What is the warranty?

Manufacturer's warranties vary on what is covered, how long and at what level (repair/replace). Check our vendor's websites for current warranty information. You may also contact us for clarification.

What are the inspection criteria for my lifting equipment?

Please see our inspection information to get details about overhead lifting inspection criteria for your equipment and your shop.

Do you offer onsite consultation?

Yes; please see our consultation information for details about onsite consultation services.

How do I know if the manufacturer of a below-the-hook lifting device conforms to ASME B30.20, ASME BTH-1 and OSHA design specifications?

Ask. If the answer is 'No', DO NOT BUY THE DEVICE! Companies that purchase lifting devices not conforming to ASME and OSHA requirements run the risk of endangering their workers' safety and exposing themselves to potential lawsuits and potential OSHA fines. Olsen Chain and Cable proudly sells below-the-hook lifting devices that meet or exceed all applicable ASME and OSHA requirements.

We've been using a 'homemade' below-the-hook lifting device for years without a problem. Does OSHA apply to us? Aren't we 'grandfathered' in?

Yes, OSHA applies and NO, you are not 'grandfathered' in. 'Homemade' lifting devices are frequently in violation and expose your company to potential OSHA fines and penalties.

How do I know which below-the-hook lifting device is best suited for my application?

Since we are the manufacturer, Olsen Chain and Cable personnel can help you select the best device, based on product availability and costs involved. Using a less expensive, lighter duty device in a heavy duty application is all too common in our industry. By working with our customers, we are able to help minimize costs, downtime and injuries.